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Some days are long, some more so than others.  Like many perfectionists with underlying OCD  moms  women, I often take on too much and try to do things on my own & in my own (possibly distorted) version of perfect. Do it right or don’t do it at all, I’ve heard somwhere before (Hi, Dad! Love you! 😉 )  But right doesn’t always mean long, elaborate, unique, or fancy.  Sometimes what’s right at any given moment, meeting, or meal is what’s simple. 

I’m tired.  I’m cold. I’m on a diet.  It’s after 9 PM.  What I want are the cupcakes I’ll be baking this week per the demo-crew’s request to, “…bring a special snack to school for my friends.”    What I need is something sweet, and warm, and comforting.   Hot chocolate has caffiene, tea feels too acidic, baked goods take too long, and I’ve already eaten all the lefover candy from the demo-crew’s recent birthday party goodie bags that I have any interest in. (Did I mention I’m not supposed to be ingesting sugar??)  So I’m going  for something simple, something right for me diet-wise, sugar-wise, comfort-wise.  I’m Keeping It Simple…Smarty-pants. 😉

Spiced Hot Coco

using 2 whole ingredients:

6.5 oz unsweetened coconut milk

pinch pumpkin pie spice

pinch stevia (optional, I did not use but if you like it suagry sweet, go for it)










KISS preparation

pour milk into micro wave safe mug

nuke for 1 minute, give or take

stir in stevia, if using

top with spice

Put your feet up, grab the remote ’cause DWTS is on the DVR, & enjoy!

Who needs cupcakes, anyway?

Now if I could just convince my 4-yr-old…